In 2014 we were awarded Phase 2 of Highcross Park Blackpool a development of several hundred new houses by Wainhomes.

We had originally tendered for this contract 6 month previously but lost out to a competitor due to price. After two months of the contract with the competitor Wainhomes contacted SpotlessUK to do a week’s trial at the site due to the fact the competitor was not providing a reliable service to the standards that were required by the builder. Not only did SpotlessUk seized the opportunity but two years later we have been awarded a further three sites and contracts totalling well over £250,000 as well as a working relationship that continues to grow and flourish.

Working with the site manager we designed a bespoke three stage builder’s clean program to work alongside the many other contractors on site. This program has been amended along the way and today we have a seamless program that is used throughout all of their sites.


One of the most recent contract that SpotlessUK have acquired.

This contract is one of only a handful that SpotlessUK are not key holders and this in itself was a logistical challenge that had to be overcome due to TPrint staff being on site at the same time that we were cleaning. With all the contracts we implement a strategic plan and routine that all staff learn and adhere to. This not only keeps consistency within the service, but also allows us to work in a set way that allows all areas of the business to be cleaned without any disruption to the working day of TPrint.

Working with the bosses PA we have overcome several teething issues and as a result the service being provided is bespoke and meets the client’s needs.


We secured a contract with RIS and have developed a great working relationship with them.

When a local competitor went into receivership we were aware of a large client of theirs, knowing that this company were going to be let down and being proactive we contacted the contracts manager Lee at RIS and within an hour we were on site with him at one of the KFC’s that was being refurbished and within 10 hours we had completed the first of many jobs for RIS.

Logistically working with RIS was a big step for SpotlessUK as the jobs that we now do cover the whole of the United Kingdom and it was the first time that we had offered this service for any of our clients. Luckily we have secured several great teams that work across the country and enjoy being on the road for SpotlessUK.

As the relationship with RIS has grown we have been awarded contracts with KFC, Pizza Hut, Starbucks and Pret-o-Manger